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♣  This sculpture of Nataraja confronts the viewer with an image of divinity that is at once direct in its impact, yet cosmic in its implication. Not only this, with his slender, smooth legs, and elegant posture, he is the very epitome of beauty.  ♣

♣  Shiva as Nataraja is the supremely handsome Lord of Dance, whose rhythmic movements are imbued with profound philosophical undertones. Shiva’s dance of bliss is as much pregnant with the possibility of destroying the world into extinction, as it is with recreating it through the same dance. The flames in the left hand signify the aspect of destruction, while the drum in the right symbolizes the energy of creation. The dwarf under the Lord’s left feet stands for the darkness of ignorance which must be annihilated for true realization to dawn, the latter being symbolized by Shiva’s rasied right leg.  ♣

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Product Description

Material                          : Brass statue

Size                                   : 36.5cm x 30cm

Weight                             : 5.600kg.

Colour                              : Black.

Design                              : Hand  Made.


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